Hello Everyone!

Its hard to understand our present global disaster and caused by such a tiny organism! COVID19 has already made a huge impact on everyone's lives and we know that we are potentially at the beginning of a situation here in North Devon, when we see how other are affected all around the world.

Kelvin and I are making quite a lot of soap at the moment and we have a NO P&P policy at the moment so that we support the fight against COVID19 as much as possible.

Our soaps contain an ingredient called SLS which is a foaming agent. Whilst researching our ingredients , we had focus group meetings with people from our target groups and consulted with former and current nursing staff. They told us that foam traps germs that can be rinsed away. We decided we wanted SLS in our products and we now we are happy that we made that choice.

Being high in glycerin, our handmade soaps are ideal for multiple hand washing because they tend not to dry out the skin. Also, they are non squidgy and dry hard, especially if placed in a soap dish. 

Please do remember to wash your thumbs and the backs of your hands and also either take off your rings or ensure you really foam around them when washing your hands.

With Love to everyone!

Frances Tranquility - small batch, excelent foaming and smells amazing!