November in North Devon

A text from my close friend this morning revealed that she is already feeling the effects of the shortening days and the rain. It certainly has been gloomy for the past few weeks here. There are several ways to relief these feelings of "darkness" and I will outline a few here.

1. Get outside when you can in the hours of daylight that we have and physically look up , not directly into the sun, but into the sky. ( if its not raining!) Sunlight stimulates chemicals in the brain to wake up and enliven.

2. Think about your diet. Some foods can make you feel drowsy and lethargic. Have a think about what is best for you and do some research. Remember , not all people need the same foods and each individual is not the same in terms of dietary requirements.

3. Using fragrances are beneficial to lift your mood. A simple fragranced soap in your shower or bath can lift your spirits.

4. Create a mini plan for yourself and take pleasure in jobs or tasks achieved.

5. Treat yourself like someone you are taking care of and not as the enemy.

Have a great week everyone!