Waiting for Spring?

Hello Everyone!

It's a grey and wet day here in North Devon, however, the soap making is apace and we are busy. 

Today we are thinking of your well - being, whether that is your physical well - being or your mental health, we believe the two are inextricably linked and to take care of your body is to take care of your mind!

Handmaking soap and skincare products is gently satisfying and there is certainly a rhythm to the process. The various stages of mixing, pouring and packing have a cycle...the anticipation of colour matching and imprinting a logo on each soap bar brings pleasure. 

Eco Friendly , our products are made in small batches where there is no waste and no energy consumed that is not directly used in our processes. 

Take care of yourself & your well - being with a fragrant soap in your bath or shower. They really do enhance your day which in turn enables you to take care of others.