Evie Kay's Story

Evie Kay was an enigma. Taken from us some years ago now, her spirit remains, and is amongst us.

Such is her lasting effect that she has become an inspiration for a very special range of soaps and cosmetics… one which has nature at its heart, in all its magnificent glory and interpretations. Evie KayNowhere is that more acute than here in North Devon. It is here that Evie loved to visit, in fact it became her one and only holiday destination, a place she quite literally ‘fell in love’ with.

Evie came from humble beginnings, born in a railway worker’s cottage on the moors above Sheffield in the early 1900’s. She was one of eight children, and times were tough.

Her older brothers all went off to fight in the ‘Great War’. Evie chose to train as a nurse.

Evie’s elder brother married and had two children, a boy and a girl. Tragically their mother died.

Evie, with indomitable spirit, took it upon herself not just to look after her bereaved brother, but his two children as well.

Evie devoted her life to those children, sacrificing any maternal desires she had to start a family of her own.

She never married.

Evie only ever came on holiday to North Devon. It became a very special place for her, an exciting place, a magical place… a transformative place. North Devon is where Evie ‘came alive’.

North Devon allowed Evie to get in touch with her instinct for nature. Perhaps it was because she funnelled all that instinct into short passages of time, away from the industrial north, that her senses were so stimulated by our beautiful environment.

Our range of beautiful artisan soaps, handmade in Devon has been inspired by Evie and the nature of North Devon.

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